Why are we charging?

We have decided to charge a small membership fee for predictions and team comparison for a number of reasons

1. Rising Hosting Costs – Due to size and popularity of the site, hosting costs have continued to rise, although we do run ads to try and cover this, the money generated from advertising is minimal.

2. Site Improvements – We want to improve the interactivity of the site and add new features and also create an app which will cost money to develop

3. Time – As the site has continued to grow, updating and maintaining the site has become a full time job and to continue to make this viable there needs to be some reward.

4. Protection – We have been alerted to a number of instances where people in private social media groups etc have been copying our predictions and passing them off as their own, sometimes even charging people for this.

The stats pages will continue to be free for everyone to access!

We hope you understand and continue to support the site